GLA Points Based Visa Survey Published


As the campaign to revise the visa regulations for non EU visiting artists (see recent House of Lords debate) continues this Greater London Authority  (GLA) survey on  the Points Based Visa System (PBS) affirms the value of non-EU artists to culture in London.

Respondents reported that the PBS has  made it more time-consuming, more expensive and slower to work with non-EU artists. 82% of respondents said they had experienced increased administration tasks, while 35% rate this as the main effect of the PBS. 77% stated that they have experienced increased administration costs and 56% felt it took longer to obtain a visa under PBS; only 8% responded that it was quicker.

The survey seemed to demonstrate more frustration from smaller organisations with 72% citing increased costs compared with 44% of large organisations reporting the same problem. 21% believed the PBS made no difference to the way their organisation operated.

Many of the GLA survey respondents felt that artists/academics fall into borderline categories and felt there was a greater need for knowledge relating to the arts and culture sector within th eUK Borders Agency. 70% believe the PBS is not the right way to limit non-EU workers while 61% went to the extent of saying the PBS should not apply to the arts sector at all.

Full survey >>

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