Clegg Recognises Potential for Arts in New City Deals


Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, launching his new deal for cities last week, made specific reference to the contribution of the arts, creative and knowledge-based industries to economic growth.

Amongst a varied menu of new incentives and new powers to be offered to Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, Manchester and Sheffield he suggested that  "if a particular city would benefit from more creative industries, to compete with its neighbours, or to make the most of its colleges and universities, it will be able to adjust its rates to attract companies working in design, fashion, music, the arts".  

Politically he now needs to bring influence to bear on the Department for Communities and Local Government and ensure that culture and the arts gain a place in the National Policy Planning Framework from which they are currently excluded.  Following an open letter calling for the inclusion of culture in the Framework , VAGA will  be meeting with other arts leaders in the New Year to determine next  steps.

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