Tall Seven, 1975 - 6 © The Artist; photo Jon Nalon
Trevor Bell

Tate, St. Ives
9 October 2004 - 9 January 2005
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The Visual Arts and Galleries Association

Across the UK visual arts organisations promote the best contemporary and modern art - capturing the imagination and touching lives in individual and diverse ways. Through exhibitions, collections, temporary projects, education and outreach programmes, biennials and artists interventions they offer enjoyment and opportunities for learning, inspiration, enquiry and reflection.

Engagement with the visual arts can contribute to the unfolding of individual, social and cultural histories and deepen our understanding of a complex and rapidly changing world. The visual arts sector also makes a significant, dynamic and imaginative contribution to economic prosperity, to education and learning, to furthering social equity and to fostering a workforce that is creative.

VAGA is a membership body open to organisations and individuals concerned with the exhibition, interpretation and development of modern and contemporary visual art on behalf of the public. The Association functions as a catalyst, sharing expertise and knowledge and campaigning for a healthy visual arts sector fit to meet the needs of audiences, creative practicioners and the broader public agenda.

Members of VAGA:

  • promote innovation, creativity and knowledge through the work and ideas of contemporary visual artists
  • seek to remove intellectual, social and physical barriers to the enjoyment and understanding of the visual arts
  • work to develop the potential for education, lifelong learning and personal development in and through the visual arts
  • and aim to broaden audiences and improve the quality of their experiences
VAGA believes in the Right to Art - the opportunity to encounter, engage with and participate in art and in particular in the art of today - and the creative, collective and moral values expressed by such a right.

To find out more about the work of VAGA members go to the list of members where you will find links to members' websites. For information on contemporary art currently showing in the UK and abroad visit:

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