Charnel, 1994
Max Wigram

Manchester Art Gallery
3 July - 30 August 2004


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Saving Art for the Nation: Do we need to rely less on pulling emotional and chauvinistic heart strings and more on developing arguments about the value of artefacts and collections to contemporary society?

An Interdependent and Changing Dynamic? Relationships between the Public and Private Sectors [added 25/9/03]

Cultural rights for all at the heart of Scotland’s First Minister’s St Andrew’s Day speech [added 15/12/03]

The Intrinsic Value of Culture [added 5/8/03

Top up Fees [added 12/5/03]

Education and Culture Secretaries Speak Out on Imagination and Creativity [added 5/8/03]

Visual Arts at the Heart of Liverpool's Successful Bid for Capital of Culture [added 5/6/03]

FACT Opens Flagship Building [added 20/3/03]

Free Taught Museum Visits for Children [added 8/5/03]

The Power to Transform People's Lives [added 19/2/03]

The Value of Good Design [added 19/2/03]

The Big Sink - The Ideal Creative Space [added 12/11/02]

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Acquires Beuys Collection [added 12/11/02]

New Art for the Historic Environment [added 15/10/02]

The Arts Council of England and Youth Justice Board Form Strategic Partnership

Government Education Minister Makes Commitment to Culture and Creativity [added 12/02]

Collections –Definition of Heritage Reduced to 10 Years [added 10/02]

Government Invests Directly in Regional Museums [added10/02]

VAGA Welcomes Catherine Lampert as Chair [added 11/02]

Visitors Double at National Museums and Galleries in England Following Free Admission For All [ added 6/02]

Shortfall Roundup - Additional Core Funding Not Just Icing [added 9/02]

Artists' Resale Right [added 23/4]

Vision for Regional Museums and Galleries in England - Update [updated 20/2/02]

Beyond Boundaries [added 4/02]

VAGA Submits Memorandum on Arts Reform to Culture Select Committee [added 4/02]

Martin Creed Wins Turner Prize 2001

London Loses Foremost Home for Artists’ Film and Video and Digital Arts with Closure of the Lux Centre [ 11/01]

Artworks Publishes Devastating Report on State of Art Education Resources in Schools [added8/01]