Delta Tail 2003
Gabriel Orozco
Collection Agustin and Isabel Coppel
Serpentine Gallery, London
1 July - 30 August 2004

Regular Arts Attenders increase 800000 + since 2001 [added 3/7/04]

The result of £20m direct investment through The New Audiences Programme. The baseline figure for attendance in 2001, based on a survey carried out in July-Nov 2001, was calculated as 14,437,900. Change is measured against this figure. Final data for 2003-04 indicate a figure of 15,249,000. This is an increase of 811,100.

The scope, for the purposes of this target, was England. People were defined as adults age 16 and over. Experiencing the arts was defined as attending at least two events in the past 12 months.

The Arts Councilís New Audiences Programme was supported with direct funding of £20 million from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport over a 5 year period from 1998 to 2003. New Audiences aimed to tackle the barriers that stop people engaging with the arts, to increase the range and number of people participating in the arts, to create new opportunities in the arts in different spaces and places, and to improve audience development practice in arts organisations through research and shared experience. Independent evaluation, research, training and development work was also supported as an integral part of the Programme.