Delta Tail 2003
Gabriel Orozco
Collection Agustin and Isabel Coppel
Serpentine Gallery, London
1 July - 30 August 2004

Cultural rights for all at the heart of Scotlandís First Ministerís St Andrewís Day speech [added 15/12/03]

"I believe we can now make the development of our creative drive, our imagination, the next major enterprise for our society. Arts for all can be a reality, a democratic right, and an achievement of the early 21st Century. " In a ground breaking speech (30/11/03) Scotlandís First Minister made the case that art and culture should be at the heart of Scotlandís national life - in education, the health system, housing, and even the criminal justice system. He said. "I want to see imaginative and new proposals coming forward from all ministers that help create access to cultural activity and deliver social justice" and for departments across government to increase their spend on arts and culture,

Not much talk of the intrinsic value of art but a resounding endorsement of the potential to impact on society. Coming as it does midst the fight to save Glasgow's Tramway as a space for visual arts, there is someway to go for McConnel's 21st century vision to be fulfilled. Click here for full text.