Word Plinth 2003
Gareth Jones

Mead Gallery University of Warwick
Until 26 June

An Interdependent and Changing Dynamic? Relationships between the Public and Private Sectors [added 25/9/03]

VAGA AGM 2003, 16th October: An Interdependent and Changing Dynamic? Relationships between the Public and Private Sectors.

Scheduled to coincie with the Frieze Art Fair this afternoon seminar will look at relationships between the public and private sectors

Report now available, go to: vaga news.

The interdependence between the private/commercial and public sectors is complex, cutting across production, exhibition, scholarship, publications, collecting and critical endorsement. The private sector's strategic management of artists' careers combined with entrepreneurial acumen and investment is set alongside public service values, cultural value, education and objective judgement. The trajectories of interdependence vary across the metropolitan and the regional, established and emerging artists, public and private sales, diverse media, evolving forms of practice and differing types of public space, programmes, critical engagement and audience. On the part of the government there is continuing emphasis on broadening access to art, supporting the individual artist and developing the economy for cultural and creative production. This seminar will explore some of the common and disputed territory and look at the potential for new ways of working across the sector.

Keynote address: Gavin Turk. Speakers: Catherine Lampert (Writer, curator and former Director of Whitechapel Art Gallery, current Chair of VAGA); Gerri Morris (Morris Hargreaves McIntyre has led the Arts Council England's recently completed, but not yet published research into developing the market for sales and commissions of contemporary art.) Christiane Schneider (Curator Haunch of Venison); Sarah Shalgosky, Director of the Mead Gallery, University of Warwick, member of the Advisory Panel for the Government Art Collection) and Helen Waters, (Curator New Art Centre at Roche Court, Salisbury. Claire Doherty (Curator and Research Fellow in Fine Art, University of West England) , Chair .

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Report now available, go to: vaga news.