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Glenn Brown

Serpentine Gallery, London
14 September - 7 November 2004

Artworks Publishes Devastating Report on State of Art Education Resources in Schools [added8/01]

Artworks, The National Children’s Art Awards has just published a report on the : of art education in schools. The organisation, conceived to promote an annual set of awards for distinctive and innovative teaching and learning in art, has joined forces with NSEAD (National Society for Education in Art and Design) and AAIAD (Association of Advisors and Inspectors in Art and Design) on a major survey of art resources in primary and secondary schools. The resources looked at included craft equipment, ICT software, gallery visits, art advisory support and in-service training, expenditure on art materials and the amount of lesson time programmed for art.The key findings reveal that: 1. Annual spending, through capitation, on art & design consumable materials for secondary pupils has deteriorated significantly over the last six years – from £2.88 to £2.68 per pupil on roll. In primary schools, the figure is just over £1 – at key stage 1 £1.18; at key stage 2 £1.29. 2. Art & design teachers in primary and secondary schools lack training, expertise and confidence in using ICT and choosing the best software and websites that help their pupils. 3. Less than a quarter of secondary schools require all pupils at Key Stage 4 to study at least one arts subject. Few schools (just 13%) allow every pupil to take art & design if they wish to do so. 4. Class size for art & design in secondary schools is higher than the average for all subjects taken together. 5. Only a minority of primary and secondary schools organise visits or residencies by artists or designers, or collaborate with local galleries. To view the full report visit the Artworks website, click here.