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Jason Minsky

Manchester Art Gallery
until 3 October

2004 past events

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1st July 2004 Children's Art Day

The purpose of the Day is to encourage and inspire children to engage with art in museums and galleries and at school. New report on the state of art and design education in the UK after five years of intense change in policies and programmes relating to education and creativity published for 2004.

21 - 25 June 2004 Big Arts Week

A recent survey showed that despite creative industries being worth more than 67 billion a year to our national economy, 80 per cent of UK teachers are hard-pushed to find time for the arts. Big Arts Week aims to bring the nation's most inspiring art and artists into classrooms across the country.

18 -27 June 2004 Architecture Week

Celebration of contemporary architecture -

May 2004 Museums and Galleries Month

1 -31 May celebration of the work of museums and galleries