Piss Flowers, 1991-2
Helen Chadwick

Manchester Art Gallery
25 September - 21 November 2004

October 13 - 20 The Big Draw

In October 2004 Big Draw venues across the UK will offer an exciting programme of events for adults and children - working with artists, designers, architects, cartoonists, illustrators, scientists and the Campaign's own patrons. These activities are mainly free and widely accessible. They draw on every kind of subject - from landscapes, architecture, portraiture and still lives to the imaginary, optical, digital and scientific.

The Big Draw runs throughout October with the main focus on Saturday 16.

For full details of the Campaign, Big Draw events and accompanying research and education programmes visit www.drawingpower.org.uk

. Power Drawing is a three year action research programme exploring the value of drawing across the curriculum, for further information email edu@drawingpower.org.uk

. The Drawing Research Network links researchers in a wide variety of higher education institutions who are investigating the nature, functions and values of drawing. For further information visit www.drawing.org.uk