Charnel, 1994
Max Wigram

Manchester Art Gallery
3 July - 30 August 2004

1st July 2004 Children's Art Day

Promoted by the Clore Duffield Foundation, National Children’s Art Day aims to inspire and motivate children to get the most out of art, encouraging them to encounter, explore and engage with art in and out of school. It coincides with the annual Artworks Awards for teaching and learning in art and design and in particular through working directly with galleries and artists.

The Artworks Awards aim to: motivate and support teachers in the development of high-quality, ambitious art projects; promote opportunities for pupils to explore the world in imaginative ways through gallery visits and contact with artists; recognise how engaging creatively with art works and artists can lead to fresh, surprising and innovative outcomes.

For details of the National Children’s Art Day, Artworks Awards and the Artworks Manifesto visit the Artworks website. The Manifesto promotes the value of art in schools and cites hallmarks for good planning; inspiring and effective teaching and effective use of resources.

New report published 1st July 2004, State of the Arts, provides both a constructive overview and a critique of the state art and design education. To quote from the Foreword: "Perhaps the strongest message to come out of this research is that art & design teachers need support: from locally-based advisers, from technical support in ICT, from Advanced Skills Teachers and from art co-ordinators (in primary schools), as well as from opportunities for engagement with practising artists and art in galleries. More than anything, teachers need to have opportunities for training and professional development: in-service training to help nonspecialist primary school teachers to teach art & design with confidence and creativity; and for all teachers, training on how to make the best use of ever-changing new technologies"

For further information see Artworks website .