Tall Seven, 1975 - 6 © The Artist; photo Jon Nalon
Trevor Bell

Tate, St. Ives
9 October 2004 - 9 January 2005

Current Agenda

What's new - brief information on VAGA's current and recent activity is higlighted here - further details will be found within the members' area.

Page last updated: 22 October 2004

  • Contemporary Collections - read VAGA's submission to the MA Collections Inquiry on the news & issues page - see menu to the left.

  • Scotland - Cultural Commission. VAGA Scotland has been invited to be part of a series of discussion meetings convened by James Boyle, Chair of the Commission. For VAGA's response to the first stage of consultation follow link on the news & issues page - see menu to the left. For Cultural Commission:  www.culturalcommission.org.uk
  • Forthcoming -  VAGA AGM, 11 March 2005, Manchester Art Gallery, on The 21st Century Gallery

Recent Publications

  • The Right to Art: making aspirations reality, written by Demos click here

  • Gallery Infrastructure - Briefing for the Visual Arts and Galleries Association (Scotland), produced by Centre for Cultural Policy Research, University of Glasgow, click here - see Research Dissemination.


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