Blue Smoke
Jim Roberts 1993



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Marjorie Allthorpe Guyton
Arts Council of England

John Hambley
Arts Council of Wales

Kate Hainsworth

Diana Palmer
Bedfordshire County Council

Valery Milnes
City University

Louise Taylor
Crafts Council

Deborah Duggan
East Midlands Arts Board

Niki Braithwaite
Eastern Arts Board

Simon Olding
Heritage Lottery Fund

Gilane Tawadros

Holly Tebbutt
London Arts Board

Katie Dawson
Museums Association

Vicky Dyer
National Art Collections Fund

North West Arts Board

Veronica Beryl
Northern Arts Board

Chris Carrell
Portsmouth City Council - City Arts

Julie Taylor

Sue Pirnie
Scottish Arts Council

Scottish Museums Council

Jim Shea
South East Arts Board

Philip Smith
Southern Arts Board

Ann Smith
West Midlands Arts Board

Jane Walton
Yorks & Humberside Museums Council

Sarah Boak
Yorkshire Arts Board