Door lock review


Security is the number one priority for most home owners. Door locks are categorized into three different grades. The grades help in increasing the durability and quality of the locks. Grade one is the best and gives you the highest security. Grade three offers minimal security. If you want to know the kind of door lock to buy, then you should continue reading. Here is a review of the best types of locks for windows and doorsthat will help you make the best decision.

Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks give you security for your residential doors. The locks do not have any springs. The single cylinder deadbolt can be used with a key from the outside, and just a button turns on the inside. The double cylinder deadbolt, on the other hand, requires the use of keys on both the outside and inside. The double cylinder can become dangerous when you do not have the key nearby. There are different brands that are categorized under the deadbolt locks. The Kwikset double cylinder deadbolt requires the use of a key on both sides. It has a smart key that makes re-keying easy. Additionally, Kwikset has a fully adjustable latch. Apart from that, it has a deadbolt that can fit in all the standard doors. The Kwikset deadbolt has a high rating and is preferred by many consumers. The Baldwin single cylinder deadbolts are the other locks in this category. The deadbolt can be paired with different knobs. It has a solid zinc as well as a smart key technology.

Entry locksets

Locksets are used in combination with the dead bolts. They have two knobs that can be locked from both the inside and outside. A key is required to open the outside knob. However, the inside knob just needs one to turn a small button. Under this category, there is the kwikset double cylinder deadbolt. It features a smart key Juno knob. It has two locking points which is a deadbolt and keyed entry. The lock has a Smart Key re-key technology and a double cylinder deadbolt. The Kwikset single cylinder handle set also belongs to this category. It can be unlocked using a key from the outside, and a button is used on the inside. It has an interior that is fully reversible. Therefore, it can be used for both left handed and right handed doors.

Keyless door locks

You can opt for keyless door locks if you are looking for convenience and home security. It has an anti-theft rolling code that will keep burglars at bay. The system will sound an alarm if the wrong code has been entered many times. The keyless door locks include Kwikset 9140 Smart Code deadbolt. It is a one touch locking the motorized deadbolt. It provides you with improved security by using lock bumping. Yale YrL-220-Zq-605 digital lock also belongs to the keyless door locks. The door lock uses a z-wave technology. Installing this door lock is easy, and you can give each family member his or her own code. You will get a notification when someone leaves or enters your home.